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At VIBRATION THERAPEUTIC ®, we are passionate about vibration therapy. We devote ourselves to developing and delivering high quality vibration plates suitable for daily home and office use.

Our endeavor started with the concepts:Vibration Plate Concept
Human body self-healing ability is powerful and fundamental.
Vibration therapy is a practical and effective method to activate, assist and enhance the self-healing processes.

Activate Your Self-Healing Power

Vibration therapy employs external force to enhance circulation, activate muscles, and stimulate the human body to generate enzymes, hormones and special cells that are essential for cell repair and regeneration as well as body systems' functionality. These combined effects make vibration therapy an effective and efficient method for the human body self-healing.

cardio exercise

The importance of vibration therapy is even more significant for the modern life style. Computers and automation have liberated us from many physical activities, which adversely affect our health conditions. Lack of physical activities, bad posture at work and poor living habits are associated with many modern illnesses and injuries, occupational and non-occupational. Vibration therapy is a practical treatment solution for these health issues.

Vibration therapy can be conveniently administered using vibration plates. The treatment is non-invasive and non-pharmacological, and the results are natural and fundamental. Scientific research and clinical studies are conducted to support the benefits of using vibration plates for a wide range of treatment applications, for people of different ages and health conditions.

Introducing Vibration Therapeutic

VIBRATION THERAPEUTIC ® is specialized in developing and manufacturing high quality vibration plates for home and office use.

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VT003F High Frequency Deep Tissue Vibration

Our core competence is the focused engineering and manufacturing capabilities, combined with the profound understanding of vibration therapy theories and applications.

We have acquired in-depth understanding of the health benefits, limitations and risks of the various vibration therapy applications. We continue to learn and also improve our product and service solutions. We are dedicated to providing the best value to our customer with high quality vibration plates and exceptional services.

Vibration Therapeutic ® promotes the awareness of vibration therapy. We envision vibration therapy to be widely recognized, further developed and bring quality life to many more people. VibrationTherapeutic Logo

Our VT series vibration plates are built to last with high quality material, parts and components, crafted with refined designing and manufacturing processes.

We sell our vibration plates through Amazon, our own website and fitness clubs. Suggestions and cooperation are welcome.

Activate Your Self-Healing Power


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