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Vibration Plate Model VT003F

What are the Differences

Model VT003F vibration plate is a consumer grade high frequency linear vibration machine. It features an adjustable frequency range from 15Hz to 40Hz, and two amplitude settings. Most other consumer grade vibration machines in the market are pivotal oscillation (see-saw motion) machines, which usually run on vibration frequency below 15Hz.

Vibration Machine VT003F

High frequency vibration drives energy deep into body tissues, effectively improves circulation, activates soft tissue, and stimulates cell generation. Research suggests high frequency vibration also helps increase bone density and improve metabolism.

VT003F's frequency range is designed to accommodate human body soft tissue's natural frequency range, so as to intensify the frequency response, achieving resonance effect. At resonance, the vibration energy is most effectively transferred from the machine to the body tissues, and the body tissues vibrate at the highest amplitude. Resonance occurs when the vibration frequency of the source (the machine) equals the natural frequency of the receiver (the body tissues). The natural frequencies of human body soft tissues are in the range of 10Hz to 50Hz. VT003F's vibration frequency has an adjustable range from 15Hz to 40Hz. This range work well with various muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin and blood vessels, to achieve each of their respective resonance effect.

Most high-end commercial grade vibration plates are linear vibration type, operating in the frequency range between 15Hz and 50Hz. Some models are designed with fixed frequency, and others adjustable frequency, like VT003F.

Commercial grade vibration plates are all heavy, designed for gym use. VT003F is light weight (26 LB), plug and play, suitable for home or office use. Even with the small size and weight, it is able to bring comparable experience of gym vibration plate to home and office.

In summary, the following features differentiate VT003F with many other vibration machines on the market.

  1. High frequency range to achieve intensified frequency response for soft tissues, towards resonance effect.
  2. Versatile applications allowed by the adjustable frequency and two amplitude settings.
  3. Portable and light weight (26 LB) for the convenience of home and office use.

The chart below demonstrate the comparisons of working frequencies of different types of vibration plates.

Vibration Frequency Comparisons

Vibration Frequency Comparison

Power Plate is an industry leader providing commercial grade vibration plates for gym use. The company also offers a consumer grade linear vibration plate, called Personal Power Plate. By comparing VT003F and Personal Power Plate, we can better understand the performances and applications of both models.

Click here to go to the detail page of the comparisons between VT003F and Personal Power Plate.Link to vibraton plate comparisons

Manual Control & Programmed Plays

User can manually adjust the session time, frequency, and amplitude, or select a programmed play (P1, P2 or P3). All control commands can be selected either on the control panel or the remote control.

Control Mode Presumed Application
00: Manual User's choice of session time, frequency and amplitude
P1: Low Amplitude Detoxication and relax
P2: High Amplitude Cardio exercise
P3: Mix Amplitude Muscle enhancement and toning

Manual Control

Session time can be adjusted from 1 minutes to 20 minutes. The default session time is 10 minutes.

Vibration frequency can be adjusted from 15Hz to 40Hz, one hertz incremental.

Vibration amplitude can be switched between Low and High settings. The empty load amplitude is 1.5mm at Low and 3mm at High.

Programmed Plays

Three preset Programmed Plays mode are designed for some presumed fitness and therapeutic applications: P1, P2 and P3. At Programmed Play, vibration runs on cycles with frequency increase or decrease every 5 second, combined with amplitude switch (for P3 mode). Each Program Play is set to run 10 minutes, each cycle 95 seconds. The chart below shows the frequency change pattern in one cycle.

Programmed Play Vibration Frequency Pattern

In P3 mode, for each amplitude switch, the motor has to stop completely and reverse the rotation direction. Therefore, the voibration stops and runs every 4 or 5 frequency changes. Because of the amplitude switch, user experiences intensity change between the stops.

On the other hand, in P1 or P2 modes, the motor does not change the direction, and therefore the vibration runs continuously with frequency increase or decrease.

Download vibration plate user manualDownload VT003F Vibration Plate User Manual

Technical Specifications

Type of Vibration Linear Vibration
Vibration Frequency 15 - 40 Hz Adjustable, 1 Hz incremental
Amplitude High
3 mm, at no load condition
Amplitude Low 1.5 mm, at no load condition
Max G-force 5.82, at no load condition
Machine Size 560mm x 480mm x 18mm
L22" x W19" x H7.1"
Machine Net Weight 11.7 KG / 25.8 LB
Electric Motor 80W PMDC Motor, 900-2400RPM
Power Supply US Model:AC 110V / 60Hz
Europe Model: AC 220V / 50Hz
Max User Body Weight 120 KG / 264 LB


VT003F machine is not for children or pregnant women to use.

If you have heart disease, joint cartilage damage, or motion sickness, please seek expert advice whether high frequency vibration therapy is a good fit to you.

For users that lack of physical strength, please hold on to a stable chair for better balance while using the machine.

Please do some warm-up exercise before using the machine. Don't use the machine immediately after meal.

Some users experience dizziness or nausea using this machine. The reason is that linear vibration plate transmits high frequency vibration to the upper body. Vibration on head and stomach can make people feel dizzy and nauseous. Keeping your knees bent can reduce and adjust the amount of vibration transmitted to the upper body and head.

New users please start with low frequency, low amplitude settings and short session time. You can gradually increase the frequency and switch to high amplitude after you get used to the vibration and start to enjoy the benefits.

Excessive exposure to intensive vibration can pose a health hazard.

Please contact your physician if you experience sustained discomfort after using this machine.

Safety Instruction

The machine is designed to use indoor in a dry environment.

grounded outlet

Vibration can produce static electricity. Please make sure the machine is connected to a properly grounded electricity outlet. Please also make sure the environment is without flammable gas.

If used on a bare floor, the machine may drift with vibration, especially when there is no body weight on it. Carpeted floor is highly recommended. Do not let the machine run unattended.

Under the upper plate, the motor and eccentric wheel assembly are securely enclosed and insulated. However, please do not put any object or reach in between the upper plate and the lower plates when the machine is running.

Keep the machine away from the children.

The Structure & Mechanical Mechanisms

VT003F's basic structure is an upper plate and a lower plate connected by four supporting springs. The vibration drive is mounted on the upper plate from below. The control box sits on the lower plate.

eccentric wheel vibration drive
Motor & Eccentric Wheel Assembly

The core of vibration drive is an assembly consists of a PMDC motor and a group of eccentric wheels. This assembly is mounted beneath the upper plate . The PMDC motor rotates the eccentric wheels to create centrifugal force that displaces the upper plate in vertical and horizontal directions. The movements are regulated by four strong springs supporting the upper plate, and create desired vibration, intensity and movement pattern (mainly up and down).

VT003F Vibration Machine

The upper plate and the lower plate are made of new ABS material, whole pieces mold injected. They are firmly screwed on the upper and lower steel frames. The four springs are mounted between the two steel frames. The control panel unit is mounted on the lower plate. The whole structure is very sturdy and light weight.

The vibration frequency can be adjusted from 15Hz to 40Hz, by controlling the PMDE motor rotation speed using a microcontroller system in the control box.

The amplitude can be changed by engaging different numbers of eccentric wheels on the motor shaft.

The core vibration driver unit of VT003F is an assembly of a PMDC motor and 3 pairs of eccentric wheels attached on the motor shaft. User can switch the vibration amplitude by engaging more or less eccentric wheels. Instead of using clutches to control the number of eccentric wheels engaged, engineers worked out a genius solution by changing the rotation direction, to engage different numbers of eccentric wheels. This way the assembly is made simple. The possibility of mechanical malfunction is greatly reduced. When switch the amplitude between Hi and Lo while the machining is running on vibration, user can hear a click sound. That is normal.

Vibration Transmitted to Floor

A few customers had to return the VT003F machine because the vibration of the machine "shake" their houses. anti-vbration pads

While a vibration plate transmits vibration to the user, it also transmit partial vibration to the floor. The motor and eccentric wheel assembly (the vibration drive) is mounted to the upper plate. So the vibration energy is mostly transmitted to the upper plate, and to the user. In the same time the vibration is also transmitted down to the lower plate through the four supporting springs. The supporting springs absorb partial vibration energy, and transmit the residual vibration energy to the lower plate, then to the floor.

The higher the G-force, the more vibration is transmitted to the floor. In other words, the higher frequency and amplitude, the more vibration transmitted to the floor.

We suggest using VT003F on a carpeted solid floor. If you have to use the machine on a wood frame structure floor, cushion pads or mats are recommended, so that the vibration machine does not shake the floor too much.

anti-vibration pad under VT003F

We observed some customers ordered anti-vibration pads on Amazon the same time they ordered the VT003F machines. Therefore we decided to have four customized anti-vibration pads made for VT003F and included them in each machine package. Orders shipped on and after September 1st, 2019 (Production Batch# 1905) will include these pads. Please note the using anti-vibration pads will compromise the intensity of the vibration.

Some customers recommended a better solution of placing a thick exercise mat under VT003F. Our test confirms that a large piece of exercise mat (e.g. high density EVA foam 4'x4', 1/2" thick) can better absorb downward residue vibration and less compromise vibration intensity. The result is much better compared with four separated small anti-vibration pads.

VT003F on exercise mat

Floor transmitting vibration is more of a issue for all high frequency linear vibration plates, due to its higher G-force attribute. Some manufacturers sell spring type of cushion bases as accessories for their vibration machines. The effectiveness of spring cushion bases are as same as foam type of cushion pads. Also both types of cushion compromise the vibration intensity.

Pivotal oscillation vibration machines transmit vibration to the floor as well. For the comparison, pivotal oscillation machine is a rigid link structure, no supporting springs to absorb the downward vibration energy. As the pivotal oscillation machine transmit the vibration energy to the user, the same amount of of vibration energy is transferred to the floor. However, because pivotal oscillation type of machines vibrate at the frequency below 15Hz, the vibration on the floor is not perceived as much of a significance.

The purpose of VT003F is to bring commercial grade gym vibration machine (most are linear vibration type) experience to offices and houses. However, in a gym, a vibration plate would be firmly attached to a solid floor. For use such a high frequency linear vibration plate in house or office, it is the best to place the machine on a carpeted solid floor for the optimized user experience and intensity.

Please note VT003F's suction feet may not be able to firmly attach the machine to a bare floor, unless the floor is smooth enough. Therefore, to avoid the machine from drifting around with the vibration, please use VT003F on a carpeted floor.

Un-centered Distribution of Vibration

Although the vibration drive is mounted at the center of the upper plate. The vibration intensity is not centered on the upper plate.

un-centered distribution of vibration

When the vibration amplitude is set at High, the vibration intensity is off the center line towards the control box direction. The higher the frequency, the farther the intensity center is away from the center line.

When the vibration amplitude is set at Low, the vibration intensity is off the center line away from the control box direction. The higher the frequency, the farther the intensity center is away from the center line.

The reason of this un-centered vibration intensity situation is because of VT003F's two amplitude setting design. Its amplitude change are achieved by changing motor rotation direction. On the forward rotation, the motor shaft engages 6 eccentric wheels to create high amplitude. On the backward rotation, the motor shaft engages 2 eccentric wheels to create low amplitude. The forward rotation push the vibration intensity center forward to the control box. The backward rotation push the vibration intensity center backward, away from the control box.

Using motor rotation direction change to achieve two amplitude setting make the machine structure simple and the functions reliable. The drawback is the un-centered vibration intensity. This is for the users to be aware and learn to adjust to this pattern.

Because the upper plate is supported by four springs, user's center of mass should be right above the vibration intensity center for a balanced vibration. Otherwise, the springs can produce excessive noises.

Vibration Noise

Vibration plate generates mechanical noises and sound wave noises. When frequency is above 20Hz, the sound wave becomes audible. The higher the vibration frequency, the higher the noise level for both type of noises.

noise of vibration

Mechanical noise can be reduced through optimized design, improved parts precision and material performance, and better assembly processes. As VT003F is designed for household use, we have been making a lot of efforts to reduce its mechanical noises, in order to achieve better good user experience.

The 2019 model VT003F has significant improvement on mechanical noise reduction than previous models. Down below on this page you can find the information of some major improvements that have been made in 2018 and 2019.

From the testing results of some random samples of VT003F 2019 model, the maximum noise level of model VT003F, at 6 inches above the upper plate, is measured between 59dBA and 65dBA, at the highest vibration frequency and Hi amplitude setting.

More about noise of VT003F and the test resultsVibration Plate noise

EMF Exposure

Like all other household electric appliances, VT003F produces electric and magnetic fields (EMF). EMF is actually two types of energy fields that are measured separately.

EMF exposure of VT003F

The machine's magnetic field strength increases as the machine's vibration frequency and amplitude increase. The maximum magnetic field strength measured at one foot above VT003F's upper plate is 1.3 milligauss at the highest intensity setting.

The electric field strength does not follow the change of frequency or amplitude. VT003F's electric field strength measured at one foot above the upper plate is 44 V/m.

Like other household electric appliances, VT003F generated extremely low frequency EMF. Scientists have not found this type of EMF poses any safety concern to human.

EPA advises that there is no clear scientific evidence that EMF affects health. EPA does not define a safe or hazardous level of EMF exposure.

Reader's discretion is advised.

More about EMF of VT003F and the test resultsVibration Plate noise

Negative User Experiences

About 2% of customers reported negative experiences using VT003F vibration plate. Some customers returned the machine without providing much feedback. Below is the list of major negative experiences, possible reasons and suggestions.

Dizziness and Nausea

Dizziness and nausea is the major customer negative experience on VT003F.

discuss with doctor
Please consult a medical expert if you experience sustained discomfort after using vibration machine.

Usually dizziness is caused when the vibration is transmitted to the head. Motion sensitive people more likely feel dizzy using vibration plate. Nausea is caused when vibration is transmitted to the stomach.

Linear vibration type of machine like VT003F can transmit the vibration to the upper body and head. Keeping your knees bent will allow you to control / reduce the amount of vibration transmitted up the upper body.

For the comparison, pivotal oscillation type of machine does not transmit vibration to the upper body and head. Pivotal oscillation type of machine swings the lower body. The vibration direction changes to horizontal at the hips, and up above, the vibration is absorbed by the flexible waist.

Vision Blur

Vision may be blurred if vibration transferred to the head. Usually when the vibration stops the blur should stop. There was one customer feedback that his vision kept blurring for 5 minutes after using VT003F. In this case, stop using the vibration plate, consult a doctor and return the machine back to us.

We encourage customers to share their experiences with us, positive and negative, and we will use our website to share those experiences with our audiences.

G-force of VT003F

G-force is an acceleration rate expressed in units of G. G is the "acceleration of gravity". Vibration acceleration rate is a dynamic value. The vibrating platform moves between accelerating speed and decelerating speed. At Vibration Therapeutic, we adopt the average Phase 4 G-force to represent the acceleration level of the vibration machine.

Below is our G-force formula.

Phase 4 G-force =2π2f2A/G + 1

The maximum G-force, as a reference, has the formula as

Phase 4 Peak G-force = (2πf)2A/G +1

f=frequency, A=amplitude

The amplitude quoted by most vibration plate manufacturers, including SpecsPro LLC, is actually the peak-to-peak amplitude. The amplitude in the formula above is the amplitude as defined in physics, which is half of the peak-to-peak amplitude.

For Model VT003F, at its highest frequency of 40Hz and highest peak-to-peak amplitude. The G-force can be calculated as below.

Phase 4 G-force = 2x3.142x402x0.0015/9.8+1=5.82

For reference, Phase 4 Peak G-force = 10.64

Because G-force is decided by the combined facts of frequency and amplitude, manufactures tend to use G-force as an important vibration intensity indicator.

VT003F's G-force calculated above is based on the amplitude at empty load condition. Because the linear vibration's amplitude yield to the body weight, the actually G-force on the user is discounted.

G-force, its definition, and how is it calculated?Vibration G-force calculation

History of VT003F

The original designer of VT003F High Frequency Vibration Plate is Zhejiang Jintuo Mechanical and Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The model was first launched in German market in 2012, under a couple of German private labels. After several rounds of modifications, the model has become successful, selling well through fitness clubs in Germany. After years of customer feedback, modifications, and production improvement, this model has become mature and stable. From 2018 to 2019, SpecsPro LLC gradually took the ownership of VT003F's design and initiated a series of further improvements on quality, performance and consistency.

At the end of 2017, SpecsPro LLC obtained the exclusive market right of model VT003F in North America, and started to re-launch, promote and sell this model with exceptional customer services and better warranty terms. In 2019 SpecsPro LLC secured the permanent exclusive right to the design of VT003F for the entire global market except for Germany.

Today, through Amazon and several fitness clubs, model VT003F has achieved excellent market recognition for its good performance and reasonable price. Engineers at SpecsPro have mastered this product for its design, manufacturing, applications, advantages and drawbacks, after numerous experiments, comparisons and attentive listening to customer feedback. We continue to make every effort to improve the quality and bring exceptional services to our customers.

Improvements on VT003F

Vibration Control Panel

SpecsPro conducted in-depth analysis of the quality issues through customer feedbacks, defective machine examination, tests and experiments. We work very closely with the original designer to develop practical solutions for component sourcing, production and quality assurance programs. In 2008 and 2019, we have launched two major quality and performance improvement initiatives for VT003F.

In 2018, we made a major investment to improve the precision of the die casting molds for motor and bearing houses assembly. The effort was to make the center axis of the two bearing houses highly aligned, so that the motor rotor can rotate much more smoothly at high speed. This improvement significantly reduced the mechanical noise and increased motor and bearings' life span. The first production batch with this improvement was launched to the market exactly on the first day of 2019, and is referred as the 2019 model.

Another major update on the 2019 model was the change of vibration frequency control and display manner. This was in response to the feedback from many customers. Instead of displaying and changing speed level from 1 to 20, the 2019 model display and change frequency from 15Hz to 40 Hz, one hertz incremental, total 25 frequency levels. Therefore, users do not need to look up the user manual to find the relationship between speed level and vibration frequency. The control panel directly display vibration frequency in hertz.

In mid 2019, we made improvements on the PCB board by the carefully examination of the bill of materials and replaced some key electronic components with high reliable ones. For instance, we replaced the amplifier transistor s. The goal was to eliminate control panel malfunction that was reported before.

spring of vibration plate VT003F

Another important change on this mid 2019 improvement initiative, is adding a thick EVA hot dip coating on the powder coated supporting springs. With the thick EVA covering the whole spring, the mechanical noise from the spring itself and the connection parts are reduced. This also reduced the excessive noise when the user stands on the upper plate not centered.

The most important improvement, starting from the mid 2019 version, is the implementation of a more strict quality assurance processes in the entire production. Production batch number is introduced in the quality assurance system to track production time, name of operators and foreman of each production and inspection processes, procumbent of parts and components, etc. This initiative help define and track responsibilities. Issues can be identify during the production processes and the correction can be made in a timely manner.

Remote Control Issue

We have higher defective rate reported on the remote control. We have decided to use a new remote control design starting in our next production (available in the market in June 2020). For the existing VT003F machines, either in our warehouse or purchased by customers, we keep sufficient inventory of the current remote control for free replacment. Please contact us if your remote control is defective, we will immediately mail out a new one to you. The newly designed remote control will be compatible with the current remote control, and will be used as replacment when available.

Please note that the remote control for VT003F needs to point to the signal receiving window on the control panel to work. It is same to a TV remote control, a infrared signal type. Some customer reported remote control issue because they did not point the remote control towards the control panel.

Communication with Customers

We share our knowledge on this website so that our audiences could make informed decision if they are interested in purchasing VT003F High Frequency Vibration Plate.

In our efforts in continuous improvement, we value customers' feedback on our products and services. Together we achieve better vibration therapy solutions.

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Download vibration plate user manualDownload VT003F Vibration Plate User Manual.

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