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VIBRATION THERAPEUTIC ® offers two type of of vibration plate categorized by different movement pattern: linear vibration and pivotal oscillation. It may be referred to as different names, but most whole body vibration plates in the market are either linear vibration type or pivotal oscillation type.

Linear vibration type machine provides high frequency vibration at low amplitude. Pivotal oscillation type machine provides low frequency at high amplitude (at the two ends). The two type of machines have different physical attributes and effects on human body. Click here to learn about the in-depth differences of linear vibration and pivotal oscillation.

We introduce three well-built vibration plate models. Each model offers different benefits. Our signature model is VT003F, a high frequency linear vibration plate machine that has the vibration frequency range from 15Hz to 40Hz. Most vibration plates in the market pivotal oscillation (swing) type that runs on low vibration frequency. Our other two models are pivotal oscillation type that vibrate at the frequency range from 5Hz to 15Hz.

Vibration Plate Models


Vibration Plate Model Comparison

Parameter Comparison

Model# VT003F VT020-3 VT017
Type of Movement Linear Vibration Pivotal Oscillation Pivotal Oscillation
Vibration Frequency 15-40 Hz 5-15 Hz 5-10 Hz
Max Amplitude* 3 mm 10 mm 9 mm
Amplitude Settings 2 - -
G-force** 5.82 3.26 1.91
Recommended Body Weight 264 LB 264 LB 264 LB
Machine Weight 25.8 LB 32.8 LB 19.2 LB
Motor Power 80 W 200 W 200 W
* For VT020-3 and VT017, the max amplitude indicates the pick-to-pick amplitude at the two endpoints of the footplate.
* For VT003F, amplitude is measured at no-load condition.

Side-by-Side Appearance Comparison

Vibration Plate Comparison
Types of vibration plates, mechanisms, tech specs and usability

User Experience Comparisons

VT003F VT020-3 & VT017
Linear Vibration
Linear Vibration Animation
High frequency / Low amplitude
Pivotal Oscillation
Pivotal Oscillation Animation
Low frequency / High amplitude

Two amplitude change setting. Vertical displacement is the same across the entire footplate.

No amplitude change setting. Vertical displacement is zero at the center of the footplate, and maximum at the two ends.

The footplate is supported by springs. The vibration amplitude yields to body weight. Because of the flexible structure, user standing on the footplate should keep the center of gravity of his/her body right on top of the center of the footplate for better balance and intensity. If the the body center of gravity is off the center of the footplate, the vibration performance will be reduced, and the springs will produce more noise. This is a design compromise in order to keep VT003F a light weight machine.

The footplate is supported by a center axis and a crank bar on the side, a rigid structure. The amplitude does not yield to body weight. However, when work on lower frequency, if the body weight is more shifted to one side of the footplate, the motor will rotate faster to make the needed compensation for the increased torque. This increases the oscillation frequency. This is a system design for most pivotal oscillation vibration plate, so that the machine does not need a very big motor.

VT003F produces more noise when the vibration frequency is above 35Hz.

VT020-3 and VT017 operate very quietly.

VT003F transmits vertical vibration from feet to the upper body and head.

VT020-3 and VT017 do not transmit vertical vibration above waist. At the waist, the movement becomes horizontal, and absorbed by the waist.

VT003F drives energy deep into tissue, more effective on therapeutic applications. The benefits include the circulation improvement, tissue repair, and pain relief.

VT020-3 and VT017 are better for muscle relax, muscle activation, and balance improvement.


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